Via Rocca Castello

Rocca di Angera

Site n. 27 - Angera Open Air Museum

The Rocca di Angera rises majestically on a spur of rock that dominates the southern shore of Lake Maggiore. In a strategic position for traffic control, it was the property of the Visconti family, originally from the Verbano area, and in 1449 it was bought by the Borromeo family, to which it still belongs today.
Inside, an engaging journey leads to the discovery of the imposing Historical Halls, embellished by the recent construction of the Sala delle Maioliche, an extraordinary collection composed of three hundred very rare pieces.
The Doll and Toy Museum, the largest in Europe, amazes with its exhibition that presents the history of the doll and the game through the evolution of materials, socio-educational behaviors and links with art, costume and fashion of yesterday and today. The setting is the sought after Medieval Garden, rich in symbolic meanings, created following careful studies of codes, period documents and images on illuminated manuscripts.

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