Via Achille Piazzi

I Barbacani

Site n. 7 - Angera Open Air Museum

North of Via Achille Piazzi, dedicated to the young partisan shot in 1944, is the stretch of a mighty stone wall, which the locals call Barbacani. By this term we mean a medieval defensive structure, which served as a supporting work for a wall; despite repeated investigations in Angera, the perimeter walls of the village have never been identified.
A possible moat came to light in the 1980s during excavations along the Via Cadorna.
Today the barbicans constitute the boundary wall of the property Michele De Lucchi, architect and designer of international renown. The studio, which houses a collection of his works, is open to the public only on special occasions.
The barcabans end in a quadrivium, near the twentieth century villa that was the residence of Cesare Merzagora, President of the Senate of the Republic from 1953 to 1967 and President of the Republic in the last semester of 1964.

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