Via Cavour

Convent of Santa Teresa

Site n. 9 - Angera Open Air Museum

18th century

On the left (south) side of Via Greppi, at the corner with Via Cavour (once Contrada delle Monache), stand the remains of the convent of Santa Teresa, now used as dwellings and shops. 
The architectural form may be clearly seen from above, from the gallery of the castle or Rocca.
The Convent of Santa Teresa was founded in 1727 and suppressed in 1782; it was inhabited by nuns of the Barefoot Carmelite Order.
Structures relating to the old convent are clearly visible inside the current buildings; there was also a church, part of which may be seen inside 37 Via Greppi. Other remnants of the old convent are present in the rooms facing onto Via Cavour, now property of the local council.
The nave of the church in the past housed Cinema Roma and is presently in disuse.
Excavations carried out in 1977 in the basement unearthed the remains of Roman buildings; the finds are on display in the Civic Archaeological Museum, 2 Via Marconi.

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