Piazza Garibaldi, 14

Palazzo Comunale

Site n. 23 - Angera Open Air Museum


The Palazzo Comunale was built in 1893 as a school; since the 1960s it has been seat of the council offices.
The façade commemorates some important local personages. In 1899 a memorial stone was dedicated to Giuseppe Ferrari, distinguished politician and thinker, and Felice Cavallotti, illustrious citizen and ardent defender of political morality. 
On 26th August 1945 the Angeran citizenry decided to commemorate here those who died in the War of Liberation: Arturo Merzagora, Mario Greppi and Achille Piazzi; on 25th April 2015 after historical research, the name of Dalla Costa was added.
In 1927 a memorial stone to Alessandro Volta was placed here; on 4th November 1776 he discovered inflammable marsh gas in the gulf of Angera.

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