Via Marconi, 2

The Palazzo del Pretorio - Archaeological Museum

Site n. 1 - Angera Open Air Museum

15th century
The Palazzo del Pretorio is a 15th century building with access from Via Marconi through a portal with a pointed arch in Angera Stone. The north side of the small courtyard is embellished by a portico with Angera Stone columns and capitals bearing shields and leaves.
In the 18th century it was seat of the magistrate (Pretorio, then the Pretura in the 19th century). In the early 20th century it was the Town Hall, which was relocated after WWII. 
Since 1982 the building has housed on the 1st floor the Civic Archaeological Museum, where objects regarding Angera's origins and history are kept. In 2014 MABA - Museo Archeologico dei Bambini Angera (Children's Archaeological Museum) was inaugurated here. Since 2012 the portico has contained the worked-stone collection (lapidarium). On the ground floor is the museum's multi-purpose hall, used for conferences, teaching activities and temporary exhibitions.

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