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Church of Saints Alessandro, Sisinnio and Martirio

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5th-17th century
The church is dedicated to Sisinnio, Martirio and Alessandro, clerics and martyrs from Cappadocia sent at the end of the 4th century by Bishop Ambrogio of Milan to evangelize the Non Valley, in the Province ofTrento.
The current edifice is the result of the rebuild between 1580 and 1585 of structures dating to the Early Medieval period. What was once considered to be Angera's major church was most probably erected on top of a previous Early Christian construction.
Above the doorway there is a panel with a bas-relief depicting a monstrance. This object is the symbol of the Confraternita del Santissimo Sacramento, which had its spiritual home in Angera in this church until the postwar period.
The interior – which may be visited upon request – has a simple nave dominated by the main altar, above which there is an altarpiece painted by Francesco Lampugnani: the work shows the Crucifixion with Saints Alessandro, Martirio and Sisinio, Saint Francis and two brethren of the Santissimo Sacramento. The painting was made in about 1630 and is placed in a finely-sculpted wooden structure dating to the 17th century. The altar is finished by an antependium in scagliola (imitation marble), finely decorated and dated 1669.
The decoration is dominated by baroque stuccoes, with cherubs and angels. The presbytery vault is richly frescoed by an unknown artist. On the right wall is an anonymous painting of fine workmanship dating to the 17th century depicting The Gathering of the Manna.
The left wall is decorated with frescoes, including the “Gloria dell’immagine di Maria e Santi”, which dates to the early 1700s.
There is a fine old bell-tower, with structures of Renaissance date in the lower part.
Recent archaeological investigation of the standing walls and the bell-tower south wall have shown that the current church was built reusing structures of a previous epoch, probably Early Christian (5th - 7th century).

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