Via Mario Greppi, 110

Crossroads - Villa Palletta, Scavarda, Bordini

Site n. 10 - Angera Open Air Museum

18th-19th century

At the junction with Via Rocca, Via Mario Greppi is known as the Carrobbio: this term, typical of Lombardy, derives from the Latin quadrivium and means crossroads.  In the 19th century it was the home of agricultural labourers who worked for the Palletta family, owners of the elegant villa at 110 Via Greppi. Villa Palletta is an elegant mansion that was built in 1854 on the site of a building belonging to the Marinoni family. The house is equipped with a beautiful historic garden with ancient trees and a Neoclassical lemon house. 
On the left of the entrance is a private chapel dedicated to the Annunciation of Mary, built in 1791.

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