Isolino Partegora

Site n. 19 - Widespread Museum of Angera

Isolino Partegora, covered only by poplars and surrounded by reeds, is an isle in the middle of the small bay (known in the past as “gora”). It cannot be visited but it is possible to admire it from the lakefront or along the side of the Bruschera Oasis.

Once it was called Isolino Crivelli after the name of the then owner, Count Crivelli. In 1945 Attilio Brovelli donated it to Angera Council in memory of his sons who died during the war.

On the east side stands a temple-shaped monument in pink granite with the Crivelli coat of arms. An inscription commemorates Brovelli's donations and the wartime deaths of his sons, and another the martyrdom of Saint Arialdo.

A further slab bears the following inscription: “O wayfarer that stops to rest his limbs in the restful tranquillity of this isle, have respect for this land, which is bathed in a martyr's blood”.

Tradition has it that on 28th June 1066 the deacon Saint Arialdo, founder of the religious pataria movement, was martyred here. He was killed by the men of Oliva, nephew of the archbishop of Milan Guido da Velate, who lived in the archbishop's stronghold of the Rocca di Angera.

The saint's body is in Milan Cathedral.

On the last Sunday in June the town commemorates the saint's martyrdom and holds a procession of illuminated boats between the Madonna della Riva and Isolino Partegora.



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