Church of San Quirico

Site n. 30 - Angera Open Air Museum

13th-20th century

The church of San Quirico, which stands on top of the hill named after it, is of ancient foundation; the first document referring to it dates from the early years of the 13th century.
The church has undoubtedly several construction phases; the oldest part is the apse, and the building was completed in later centuries. The wall decorations and frescoes date to the 1920s.

Externally there is a pitched roof and façade with in front a pillared portico. On the northern side stands a small bell-tower, whereas on the outside of the southern wall there is a sundial made in modern times by Alvinio Ravasi.
The semi-dark interior inspires meditation and invites silence. The single nave is divided into four bays marked by lateral pilasters and a series of three arches. The walls are decorated with recent frescoes featuring ornamental motifs based on local tradition. There is an interesting crucifixion with the martyrdom of Saint Quiricus, painted in 1934 by Riccardo Borghi, an artist from Malnate. 

Dedications to Saint Quiricus, a child martyr often venerated together with his mother Julietta, were popular in Visconti territory and in Lombardy; the churches of Barza, Barzola and Ternate are also dedicated to San Quirico.
According to a tradition first recorded in 1640, the people of Angera are devoted to this church and celebrate festivals here on Easter Monday and April 25th.

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