Angera honey

The production of quality honey requires flowers, a pleasant climate and green, wide open spaces. Angeresi honey producers know this well and have chosen to re-embrace traditional methods and a new respect for the natural environment, to produce honeys that are enormously rich in flavour.

Honey is a natural food rich in mineral salts, and three different types are produced in Angera. Millefiori honey, with a pleasant taste and strong aroma, is obtained from the pollen of different flowers and the honeydew of several plants. It is excellent for making homemade desserts and for breakfast. 

Acacia honey is slightly amber in color, with a delicate aroma and a very sweet taste. It is recommended to accompany aged pecorino cheeses and fresh seasonal fruit. Chestnut honey, with a strong and slightly bitter aroma, is dark in colour even tending to black. It goes perfectly with mature goat cheeses and cheeses that have a mixture of goat and cows’ milk. Honey was traditionally used as a sweetener in the local cuisine before sugar was widely available, and is still used today to prepare many traditional sweets.


Among the companies in the area we report:

Apicoltura Bianchi Ezio Enrico
Via Sant'Ambrogio, 15 Angera (VA)
Tel. 0331 957189

Apicoltura Costantini di Monica Costantini
Via Milano, 18 Angera (VA)
Tel. 349.5345078

Azienda Agricola il Vecchio Castagno
Via Varesina, 87 Angera (VA) 
Tel. 0331 975131
Sito web