Grappa and Red Angera Liqueurs

The Rossi family founded this historic Distillery in 1847 in Angera

For over 170 years it has been producing high-level spirits and liqueurs, always observing the same production techniques of the past and preferring only quality pomace, botanicals and native herbs to offer you a perfect synthesis of the true Lombard spirit at every tasting.
The Rossi d’Angera Distillery Grappa, served to heads of state, ministers and popes since its founding in 1847.
Following a restyling of all the products, grappas and artisanal liqueurs have been proposed that enclose the flavors of the territory preserving them in their biodiversity.
Grappas and liqueurs have received many awards and have won prestigious awards since 1913 until today. In particular, a grappa called “l'Acqua di Angera” is produced from the distillation of the local pomace of the municipalities of Angera and Ranco, grappa awarded in the barricaded version with the silver medal at the International Wine Challenge 2012. Also known as the Amaro di Angera , Spitz, gentian liqueur and honey grappa.

Head office, shop and warehouse in via Puccini, 20 - Angera

Rossi di Angera