Via Mazzini

Roman well and road

Site n. 26 - Angera Open Air Museum

1st-3rd century AD

During excavations conducted in 2005 at the corner between Via Mazzini and Via San Martino (in the area where the Rossi Distillery stood) interesting Roman remains were found. These include part of a 1st century AD road, which may be seen inside a garage. The southern portion, with a regular cobbled surface, joined onto the main road which constituted the final portion of the Mediolanum Verbannus road, the modern Via Mazzini - Via Greppi. Over 2,000 years ago this road started at Porta Giovia, linking Milan and Lake Maggiore.
Beneath a glass cover in the south-east side of the car park may be seen the circular top of a well, made of large and middle-sized slabs of Angera Stone.

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