The landscapes of Angera: not just the lake ...

Angera is an ancient village located in the southeastern part of Lake Maggiore, in the province of Varese. It covers an area of about twenty km², characterized by a lacustrine, hilly and flat landscape that offers visitors scenery and natural views of surprising beauty and suggestion.

The town is best known for La Rocca di Angera, a majestic medieval castle that dominates the city and is owned by the Borromeo family.

In reality, the characteristic landscapes of the village are many, first of all the Allea, the beautiful avenue bordered by rows of horse chestnuts and lime trees that runs along the lake. Not only that, large green areas, the so-called pratoni, welcome a large number of visitors who want to have a walk in the open air, and where there are often various kinds of events.

For those who want to admire the landscape from a different perspective, the San Quirico hill offers pleasant walks and breathtaking views of Angera, the vineyards and the lake.

Those who love nature can not but go into the oasis of the Bruschera, a naturalistic area of value where, with a little 'luck and patience, you can meet the fauna that lives there.

Far from the center, instead, opens the countryside, with large fields of corn and green meadows. There is no shortage of woods for walks and, in the autumn, for mushroom and chestnut seekers.
Angera is thus the ideal destination for tourists who love tranquility and nature, which in every season offers to the eyes and the heart different shows and atmospheres, but always fascinating.

Anyone who has visited this lakeside village can say that it is one of the most beautiful places in the Lower Verbano to spend moments of relaxation and at the same time to spend days of wellness and sport.