The hill of San Quirico

To the north of the town, on the border of the municipality of Ranco, rises the summit of San Quirico which at a height of 410 metres is the highest point of Angera.

This green parkland is almost completely wooded, accessible from the old Via Ranco road or the path of Uponne (a village near Ranco), and very popular with walkers. The geographical terrain features red-brick, greenish and chocolate coloured porphyry (a type of igneous rock containing crystals) overlain with moraine deposits created at the time of the Quaternary glaciation.

From a vegetation point of view there is mixed woodland containing trees such as chestnut, Scots pine and, in less quantity, oak and silver birch pendula. On the highest part of the hill, beneath the chestnut trees, the undergrowth is rich in blueberries. Every spring there is a dense flowering of primroses, violets, dog violets and dense gorse bushes. Mushroom lovers flock to San Quirico to forage for a number of different species in spring and autumn. In the chestnut areas there are local species such as ceps (porcini), parasol and chanterelle mushrooms, and beneath the false acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia), clumps of honey mushrooms. At one time grape vines covered the sides of the hill almost to the top and the wooded cover was much more limited. Even today there are still numerous terraces in the woods; an indication that grapes were once cultivated there.

On the top of the hill there is a church dedicated to the martyr Saint Quiricus, originating from the 14th century with further additions through to the modern era. This medieval structure is very close to the heart of the inhabitants of Angera and Ranco and is the destination of processions on Easter Monday and April 25th.

If you want to walk for a couple of hours in the greenery and experience breathtaking views of the Lower Verbano from different points, San Quirico is certainly the perfect destination. There are marked trails which are almost entirely through woodland and it is about a forty minute walk on mostly level ground.