Via Sant'Ambrogio

Chapel of Sant'Ambrogio  - Capronno

The Chapel of Saint Ambrose stands only a few metres away from the road leading from Capronno to Cadrezzate and Lentate. 

In plan, this small chapel is composed of two chambers divided by a doorway with a round arch: the apse and the porch.

The end wall is decorated with a fresco depicting a Sacra Conversazione: the crucified Christ in the centre is flanked by the enthroned Madonna and Child on the left, and on the right by Saint Ambrose with his whip and pastoral staff.
This anonymous work is dated to between 1400 and 1600. The finely executed figure of Sant’Ambrogio, shows numerous similarities to the picture of the saint in the Abbey of San Donato in Sesto Calende.
The altar features a re-used block of Angera Stone with a Roman inscription. The word CRETAE was placed upside-down, but during restoration of the chapel in 1993 the block was turned to its current position. 
In the 1920s several Lombard period burials were discovered nearby, but unfortunately are today untraceable.

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