Eat and drink the goodness of Angera

Experience the flavour, quality, tradition and health-giving benefits of the products that come from our territory. 


The wine and grappa of Angera

Since the Middle Ages grapes have been grown on the hills surrounding Angera, particularly within the walls of the Rocca. The Borromeo family strongly encouraged the cultivation of vines from the seventeenth century, from trebbiano to barbera from riesling to bonarda. These are the same vines that today's farmers cultivate with equal dedication and respect for the land and to which merlot, chardonnay and nebbiolo have been added. 

Angera honey

The production of quality honey requires flowers, a pleasant climate and green, wide open spaces. Angeresi honey producers know this well and have chosen to re-embrace traditional methods and a new respect for the natural environment, to produce honeys that are enormously rich in flavour.

Other local products

In Angera there are many local, fresh, seasonal products that are very reasonably priced due to their KmZero status which reduces the costs of transport and distribution and eliminates commercial intermediaries; the seller often also being the farmer or breeder. KmZero foods also offer greater guarantees of freshness and authenticity due to the near absence of transport and transit. 

The Bread of Angera

Angera is famous, second only to Pompeii, for the quality and quantity of bread made using the processes of the Roman period. Researchers in a joint project between the Civic Archaeological Museum of Angera and the Soprintendenza Archeologia of Lombardy, rediscovered the millenari (“thousand year”) biodiverse bread, which came to light during the excavations of Angera and was still exceptionally intact after almost 2,000 years.