Stepping out!

The medieval streets of the old town offer the perfect scenery for a quiet walk, admiring buildings of historical and artistic interest, views of La Rocca and the ancient stone walls. Going down gently towards the water you can enjoy the enchanting spectacle of Lake Maggiore, walk in the shadow of the Allea, a charming avenue of nineteenth-century horse-chestnut and lime trees, or get into the sunshine along the paved road that follows the shore line. If you want to jog or have a sportier walk, you can continue west to the Oasi della Bruschera, where you will hear only the rustling of the trees and the singing of the birds and you can discover the flora and fauna of the lower lake in a protected nature reserve. If you like more adventurous routes and climbs you can enjoy a bit of a workout along the countless trails or glareate, the winding green paths that lead to Fornetto, to the vineyards of the Ronchi Angeresi or, through the woods, following the “ring” of San Quirico up to the little church at the top of the hill.

From the top you will have an incredible view of the snowy Alps, that slopes down to the  Pre-Alps of Varese and then drops into the plain, which changes color depending on the season, is tinged with fading yellow in spring and all shades of green in summer, is a fiery red in autumn and hides in melancholy mists in winter.

Walking you can read the explanatory signs placed as part of the Museo Diffuso, our open air museum which illustrates the 50 most interesting sites of the municipality with informative signs.

On special occasions, guided cultural tours are organized along the streets of the historic centre and among the vineyards. To stay up-to-date, consult the scheduled events page.