Fishing fit for a king

In 1623 the King of Spain Philip IV granted the civic use of fishing to the citizens of the municipalities of Angera and Ranco:

We, Philip, by the grace of God, King of Castile and Léon, of Aragon, of the two Kingdoms of Sicily,  and the Duke of Milan... decree that fishing of these lands - until now, either a privilege enjoyed only by the feudal Lord of Angera or fishermen were only permitted to fish between the Fortress and the middle of the Lake - is now to be freely enjoyed by its inhabitants, despite any sentences to the contrary, this right to fish in any way is included in this concession of the Feudal Lord, and  allowing the same Very Reverend in Christ Cardinal Federico Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan, pleading in thanks for the poor. 

Until only a few decades ago fishing was one of the main activities of the Angeresi, who used to hang their nets from the lime trees on the lakefront, and we try to keep this local tradition that we are so fond of alive.

If you are an avid fisherman too, remember to avoid the areas where fishing is prohibited and make sure you have permission to fish. Fishing permits are required for non-residents and can be purchased from the municipalities of Angera and Ranco.

Once a year a fishing day is organized for children and families. If you are interested in participating, we advise you to keep up to date and consult the events page.