Linea Dervonia jewels

De.Co 2019

The elegant Dervonia jewellery line designed by Carola Caputo, a young gemmologist and jewellery designer of Angera, for the AM ORO Snc goldsmith's workshop, was born from the rediscovery and enhancement of the very rich archaeological heritage kept in the Civic Archaeological Museum of Angera.

Indeed, the Jewels of Angera draw inspiration from one of the oldest and most fascinating finds unearthed during the archaeological excavations conducted in the Roman necropolis of Angera: it is a late Celtic bronze pendant placed in a Roman burial from the first decades of the 1st century AD., one of the oldest in the necropolis of the city. The pendant is much older than the rest of the kit and the era in which the deceased lived, and in ancient times it was probably handed down from generation to generation within a family. The pendant, currently without comparison, fascinates for its ability to introduce suggestions on the delicate and complex relationship between Celtic peoples and the Romans, newcomers.

A masterpiece of ancient craftsmanship capable of inspiring contemporary design and cutting-edge technological experimentation: the parure designed by Carola Caputo was in fact created by testing a combination of 3D printing and traditional artisan techniques, such as lost wax casting.

The Jewels of Angera are the happy outcome of a project promoted by the Municipality of Angera-Culture Department for the enhancement of artisan excellence and have received the 2019 De.Co recognition (Municipal Designation of Origin): in fact, they arise from a virtuous collaboration between the Municipality with its Museum engaged in research, dissemination and networking of People and skills, and local entrepreneurship that rediscovers, gives voice and revives the local heritage.

The line of jewellery produced by Carola Caputo for AM ORO Snc takes the name of Dervonia, a tribute to the Matronae Dervonnae, the goddesses dancing under their sacred oak tree, represented on a Roman altar found in Angera and now exhibited in the Museums Civics of Villa Mirabello in Varese.

It is possible to find the De.Co product at AM ORO Snc, Via Mario Greppi 66, tel. +39 0331/931718